Daily Reflection

Journal. Authenticity Today

What am I willing to do?  How am I going to operate? What makes me whole today?  How do I live my heart when there are so many chambers?  Which chambers need more oxygen, more blood flow, more life, more love and how do I know this and act?  How do I act?  The path to authenticity isn’t as plain and simple as they make it out to be.  Oh, but it is.. The dance and intimacy of hard and easy.  The idea, again and again, is to find the place between hard and easy not too hard not too easy.  Enough to keep us guessing, enough to keep us engaged, enough to keep questioning, enough to allow no question.  In times like these, I go back to the tried and true words that will at least provide me some power in this moment:  The heart knows no question, the mind knows no answers.  (source unknown) Today I wish you peace love and prosperity on your path and mine to authenticity.

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