Showing Up

How do I best show up for my life today?  What does that mean? How am I going to do that today in this moment?    For me today, that means sneaking away for a walk alone and again sneaking away for a coffee not made by me in my home, as I do most every other morning.  Which usually goes something like me sitting enjoying the beginning of the day opening my journal beginning to write  as my kids begin to argue over this spot on the couch or that car that usually no one cares about.  Today, I own my desire to sneak away and do it.  Twice.  These are small acts but as they say, it is all about the accumulation of the small things that make the biggest difference in the quality of our life.

Another question is how do I show up for my kids in a way that allows them both the experience of independence but also shows and teaches them to respect and value what they have?  Sometimes I worry that I  am too intently trying to teach them rather than just let them teach me.  What is the balance what is the rhythm what is the best way to handle this and that situation?  There are so many questions as a parent about how to do things the RIGHT way.  The BEST way.  I know that for me, what makes me feel the most competent as a mother is when I feel the most connected to myself as a person.  When I am left scrambling for myself it inevitably creates more confusion amongst everyone in my home.  When I am calm and content centered and grounded when I feel I have taken time for myself to revel and relax honor and nurture myself the easier it is for me to let my kids explore and navigate their own world.  When I am at ease in myself they are more at ease within themselves.  This is something I don’t always remember and don’t always feel like remembering.  Sometimes it feels too hard or I get stuck and lost in complaint and comparison and start looking for anwers to my questions outside of myself rather than inside of myself.  Then I remember to breath.   I pause and sneak away.  I tune in and remember the ‘why’ behind specific choices I make for my children that are intuitive.  I remember the source from which those choices came.  Today, I choose to show up clear and connected to the wisdom that communicates the joy of my heart.  The joy that comes from celebrating the moments of sneaking away to honor the self so that I can come back full of wonder rather than worry, with gratitude and love for the life that I am living in this moment.

In a life that is so full of so many things, how do show up and take care of yourself?


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  1. Loving and caring for our children is the most important thing a parent can do in life, we do that best by taking care of ourselves first! I don’t believe there is a right or a wrong, it all comes from our hearts, and our hearts are all unique……….Love you and those boys!

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