Underneath Anger, there is always Fear.  

This morning as I was having a discussion about a long family/work weekend with my partner we both realized that I was beginning to get angry.  Angry with him, angry with his suggestions.  Just angry.  I decided to go for a walk to clear my head.  As I was walking all I could think about was how ridiculous he was and how could he do this or that.  After an erratic conversation in my head that moved to a few tears I sat down and began to just listen.  What I uncovered was just plain old classic fear.  The fear had nothing to do with him or even the weekend.  It was bigger.  It was a bigger fear inside of me that was creeping through.  It was our conversation and the situation that triggered it, and as a result I got angry.  As I got up from sitting I felt calmer and clearer.  Better able to tackle the day and get to the heart of my desire.  The best way to conquer fear:  ACTION!

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