Sound familiar?

I want to feel connected to my heart and inner wisdom

I long to feel connected to something bigger

I feel grateful for my life, yet, there still seems to be something missing

I am ready for a shift in my life but I am not sure where, what that shift is, AND am unsure of how to make that shift happen

I help people get connected to their hearts, to what lies true in the deepest part of themselves. Let’s be daring enough to look within and let our heart be our guide. It is time, I am ready for you.



About Me

Erin Headshot.jpg

What has always been imprinted on my view on life is the responsibility to recognize impermanence, fragility, and the desire to move with a steady vigor.  Never compromising heart in any aspect of my life and living from a place of non-judgement and deep compassion.


What is possible when you dive into what is real and true in your heart? Together we can move into a greater realm of possibility. It is my mission to support you in creating the life you were meant to live by connecting into the expansion and perfection that is always surrounding us.



Erin Benjamin is an AMAZING life coach. I have worked with her for a year-- it has transformed my life and how I see myself in it. Right away, she helped me identify an important goal I could and should accomplish and has given me tremendous support along the way. Since then, my life has opened up in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. Working with Erin, I feel more confident, more connected, and more inspired. She is a wonderful guide—honest, wise, grounded, and supportive—and gives you the tools to create the life you want. Thank you, Erin. I am so grateful!

-Sarah (Middlebury, VT)