One More Havest Party

The seasons have shifted and we are FULL ON AUTUMN right now. This is SHOWCASE SEASON, for sure.
Time to Gather natures products before winter’s rest. Everything is abundant right now.  To the leaves on the trees to the produce coming from the earth, the colors, WOW.  Everything at its peak. 
I love to watch the leaves effortlessly let go from the branches and spiral and dance gloriously on the way down.  It's as if they've been preparing for this moment AND they have.  It's the rhythm of nature.
We are so lucky to be blessed with this blueprint.  We look to nature as metaphor ANDwhat would happen if we lived amongst nature as MORE than a metaphor but a way of life and living with the natural rhythms that surround us?
If you take a minute to think about this season right now, this season of AUTUMN what words or phrases do you think of?

Go ahead.  Think about it.   
I will give you a moment. 
 Let 5 things come to mind. 
1 ______  
2 ______
3 ______
4 ______   
5  ______


Chances are the words that you thought about have a lot to do with the feeling of connectedness that harvest brings.  It is a time to gather and share what we have grown, a time to take inventory and gather family and friends. 

The weather is cooling down and we wear clothing that is warmer and cozier. Our homes get lit up with the warm glow of a fire or lights to counter the darkness. The heat sources get turned on and we gather where it is warm.  Our foods become richer and more hearty.  We prepare ourselves and we do it naturally because we move in cadence with the natural rhythm of nature, it is our natural tendency. 
 It is time to celebrate the Bounty.  
What about our internal BOUNTY?

What about Celebrating the bounty WITHIN?
Let’s take inventory.  
It is VITAL that we learn to celebrate ourselves.  This is one of the hardest things to learn as a mother and as a woman.  How can I lean into myself and measure all the progress and amazing things that I have done over the last 6 months?  It is too easy to move from one thing to the next & just mindlessly make the list and check the list.
AUTUMN is begging us to take inventory of all that we have harvested. 
So, let's do it now.  Take inventory and don’t be shy.  Start with spring and write down all of the things that come to mind that have happened good and bad.  Profits and losses. What we have learned and how we want to take that into the future. 
I am not suggesting dwelling on the past.
What I am suggesting is:
 - Celebrating how you moved through struggle,
 - Measuring growth and celebrating your courage to face something that may have seemed hard in the past
- Having a goal and meeting that goal, no matter how big or how small.
- Honoring yourself for all the work that you do to help others through life. 
Let’s take inventory and celebrate our own harvest so that we can find strength for the season to come. 
This is your Party!
- Celebrate yourself, your humanness, and the gift that it is to be alivein this moment. 
- Embrace yourself and your loved ones. 
- Gather, Share and know that love is what connects us all. 
AND  be willing to love and celebrate yourself so that you can love and celebrate others. 


Now tell me -because I want to know AND because I happen to think it is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves and the world– what is one thing that you are celebrating today? Leave a comment here.

With so much warmth + Gratitude.