Spring Cleanse: Day 3 Check In

Cleansing is a process and my first three days are proof of that.  Like childbirth, you remember and then you forget, to some degree.  I am not necessarily comparing cleansing to giving birth but the idea of something concealing itself and then revealing itself certainly applies. When I undergo this process I know that my body will react in ways that I cannot predict.  In this case all the days have been completely different.  It is like my wise teacher Coby Kozlowski always says, "how can you ride all the waves of life?" How can we show up for whatever is showing itself in this moment without judgment? This video gives you some insight into what the last three days have been like for me.  

Day 2:  Was particularly interesting.  As I said in the video, I woke up super grouchy and wanted to blame everything outside of myself for the way I was feeling.  My body as I knew it was moving through detox and was not feeling comfortable.  All of the things that were not perfect in my life were front and center and I didn't want to look at them.  Luckily, these days, I am able to catch onto myself quicker than I was able to in the past.  In this case it took toward the end of the day for me to speak my truth and let the veil be lifted.  Clarity ensued and through the clarity I was able to get my focus back on track and feel good in my body and in this process.

I Look forward to seeing how the rest of the days unfold.  I will keep you posted.