Step into the FIRE: Spring Cleanse Part 2, IT BEGINS

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The time has come, last week I wrote about the steps to prepare for your cleanse now is the time to step into the FIRE.   What do you WANT to get out of this cleansing process?  

I would like to share with you what I will be doing for the next 7 days beginning Monday, April 9th.  Please refer to my previous post to learn how to prepare for your cleanse and to decide what level you are prepared to cleanse:  Are you a MILD MEDIUM or HOT?

This spring season I am going for MEDIUM TO HOT.  Reducing my engagement in social media but not eliminating it completely.  As for sugars and caffeine, sayonara!

When I cleanse, I like to keep things as simple as I can for myself which means that I often eat the same things every day.  Having two young kids to keep up with, I want to ensure my success in this process.  I know what works and keeping it as simple as I can, purchasing the ingredients that I need for the week before my cleanse begins are all vital to my success.  

Here Is what my grocery list looks like: **I do ensure that all ingredients are organic**

Veggies: Kale, Chickpeas, broccoli, bok choy, avocado, lemons, limes, all fresh sprouted greens

Cooked beans: yellow lentils, black, garbanzo

Other: coconut milk, kimchi, miso paste, ghee (clarified butter available at any health food store), ginger, turmeric, spices of fennel, ginger, cumin

gluten-free grains: quinoa, buckwheat, brown basmati rice 

Even though by now, I have a pretty good idea of the things I like to prepare, it helps me to print out a piece of paper with my daily routine/meal ideas and put it on the fridge for quick reference and as a reminder of what I am doing, just in case..

Breakfast/Morning Routine:  

Start the day with cleansing breaths.  Warm Detox Tea and Journal for at least ten minutes.  Try and incorporate a morning meditation, even if it is a few minutes of breathing.

FOOD: fresh fruit/veggie smoothie, miso soup,

My go to: Kitchari, (traditionally made of yellow mung dal (yellow lentils) and basmati rice, along with digestive spices and ghee, is used as a cleansing and detoxifying food in Ayurveda.) sauted veggies(kale and sweet potatoes) in ghee.

Lunch/Afternoon check in:

Drink Detox Tea and put your legs up the wall for 10 minutes.  Notice how this feels in your body.  I am sure there is evidence to support this and you can google it, but a yogi friend once told me that 10/15 minutes of legs up the wall is equivalent to a 1 hour nap.  Hey, it can't hurt to try! Maybe even get your kids in on it.

FOOD: Kitchari and vegetables I will mix it up using kimchi and garbanzo beans.  

Fresh veggie salad with avocado, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, lemon and sea salt.


Take an Epsom salt bath and add your favorite essential oils.  Take it up a notch and give yourself a self-massage with whatever oil suits you.  Coconut is cooling, sesame is warming.:

FOOD: hearty veggie soup like coconut milk sweet potato with fresh ginger and kale.  I always sauté my veggies in ghee before adding water. Kitchari with vegetables.

Dessert/Snacks:  If you are feeling like you need something sweet choose apples or celery and some kind of nut butter like almond butter. Popcorn made with ghee

I basically use the same ingredients for most meals and just try and change it up as much as I need to and sometimes I don't need to at all.  Go with what feels right for you.  If you need a lot of variation keep changing it up.  As I said above, I like to keep things simple, it is imperative to my success.  I don't like to fuss about food when I am cleansing which is why when I prepare my grains in the morning, I make enough to last me the entire day.  And to ensure freshness I only make enough for one day. 

Beverages: Yogi Tea: Detox Tea, Traditional Medicinals has a great detox tea as well.  You can find either of these at your local health food store.  Water with lemon/lime

Things to know

1. The first couple of days will be the hardest.  Your body will do all that it can to remind you that you have stopped drinking caffeine.  If you can get through the second day it gets a lot easier.  I promise!

2. Sip on detox tea throughout the day which helps the detoxifying process.

3.  Never go hungry.  Try and eat enough during meal times.  Don't be shy with the portions and try not to snack in between meals.  That said if you do need a snack go right ahead.  I mentioned some snack ideas above.

4. To intensify the detox get your body moving every day.  Because you are eating different your energy will be different.  I suggest low impact exercises like walking or yin yoga.

Even one day of cleansing is great for your body AND by really getting clear about what you want out of this cleanse is something to establish before you start AND it will help you push through and make it through the whole week.  What happens for me is that I feel so good by the 7th day that I almost always want to keep going and I do!  It inevitably changes my awareness around how I am nourishing myself.  My mind is more calm more stable more grounded and my life feels more intentional as a whole.

Good luck with this process and please contact for me or leave a comment below and let me know if you have questions, need additional resources, or would like to let me know how it is going for you!!

Happy Cleansing!