Inner Critic, take a backseat.

Inner Critic Photo.JPG

Do you ever get caught up with your inner critic?  Silly question, right?

Since this answer is inevitable how can we push ourselves to not settle with getting taken over by something so silly?  How can we empower ourselves instead of getting caught in this cycle time and time again?  I want to help you begin to put this part of yourself that my teacher likes to call your GREMLIN in the back seat and live fully into your truest essence.

In this post, I want to not only explain the gremlin and their sneaky ways, I also want to give you the tools to manage your gremlins in the moments they are coming on super heavy, AND ways we can get curious about their reasons for trying to keep us from honoring the radiant being we already are and expanding into even more as human beings.

So, What the heck is a Gremlin?

Let me explain..

The concept of the Gremlin was taught to me by my wise teacher Coby Kozlowski.  She so eloquently speaks about your gremlin being the part of you that strives to preserve the status quo in your life, also known as the self saboteur.  It is that part of you that questions your capability when you decide you want to do something different or make a change that would significantly make a positive impact on your quality of life.  The gremlin tells you things like "I am not enough just as I am" whether that be skinny enough, pretty enough, young enough, old enough, wise enough and the list goes on and on.

The thing about the gremlin, though, is that even though it can keep us from moving forward in positive ways and making real and powerful shifts for ourselves it also can serve as an ally.  

An Ally?  Yes, I said it, an ally.  This was difficult for me to understand at first and when I really took the time to get curious about my gremlins (yes, there is more than one) the more that I realized that as much as they get in my way, they have also served me in some capacity as well.  

Because our gremlin can also be our ally we never want to shame ourselves for having these gremlins.  The fact of the matter is: We all have them and they aren't going away.  

DEPRESSED?  Well, there is more.  Keep reading.

CONFUSED?  Let me give you an example of how one of my gremlins has helped me and how they also hold me back.

I call this one the Rebel:  the rebel likes to go against the grain of society when everyone says "no" the rebel says "yes" and vice versa.  This gremlin has helped me to do things that others only dream of and on the flip side this sneaky little thing puts up a lot of unnecessary fights in my head about the way things should or shouldn't be.  

So the best way to tame a Gremlin? 

Step 1: Begin to Notice

Get to know your gremlins. 

Invite them for tea.  Ask them questions.  What triggers them and makes them come alive?  Think back to the earliest interaction you can remember with this part of yourself.  Journal about your relationship with this gremlin and how you might like to interact with this gremlin next time you feel them coming up.  Get honest about the ways in which certain aspects of yourself serve you and also hold you back.  

Step 2:  Use your breathe and feel into the moment fully

When we are willing to be fully present and engaged with our emotions without judgement while breathing deeply and connecting with our body we realize there is nothing to be afraid of in any emotion and it is all just energy.

Step 3:  Commit to the Process

Remember that there is no destination. This is an ongoing and lifelong process and if you are committed to it, yourself and your growth life will be a lot more enjoyable.  We are continually unfolding and there is always more to come.  

The Good News:

The gremlin is not your natural state - Your natural state is that of the OBSERVER the wise, pure essence of you that integrates knowledge and wisdom effortlessly.  I also like to access this part of me by doing a future-self meditation.  More to come on that.  The gremlin is the one that interjects and tells you what a load of bull all of this is.  

Who do you choose to listen to?

If you are interested in discovering more about your gremlins I am happy to talk more about this idea with you.  Also, there is an amazing book called Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson.  I highly recommend it.  

Please leave a comment below.  What is your experience with taming your gremlin? How does your gremlin show up in your life?