Be Your Own Best Friend


Last night I was in between sleeping and dreaming when I heard two owls hooting to each other.  I love owls.  This is what they were talking about..

The power of language. 
The quality of our self-talk. 
Our relationship with ourselves and what has become normal in our society. 
The fact that so many of us have come to so effortlessly say that "we are our own worst enemy" .  Just typing it makes me cringe.  The idea that "I could be my own worst enemy" seems like the deepest crime against wisdom that we could be committing. 
Instead of being our own worst enemy, may we instead befriend + love ourselves deeply. 
May we be at peace with where we are right now in this moment and trust that we are always expanding into more.  This all sounds good, of course, we all KNOW we should TRUST the unfolding of our lives and as My teacher Coby Kozlowski always says there is a difference between knowing the menu and tasting the food.  Knowing that we can TRUST ourselves and ACTUALLY TRUSTING ourselves, what does that even look like?  I believe it starts with being unwilling to be my own worst enemy.   I am much more interested in being my own best friend and that starts with being aware of my thoughts, being aware of my language.  People often say 'thoughts are things' what if with every thought we are planting a seed of potential for ourselves and if we keep fulfilling this prophecy that we ourselves are creating there will NEVER be a chance for true freedom within. 
So, I am calling on you for the sake of the good of humanity to BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND.  How can we reframe our language by saying something like this instead:  "Everyday in every way I am getting stronger and more confident in who I am and what I am doing, I am powerful and I am loving". 
How will you consciously choose your language today?  Please leave a comment, I want to know what you think.