1 on 1 Life Coaching Sessions

Together we will bridge the GAP between where you are and where you want to be.

The coaching process allows you to let go of previous blocks, move into who you want to become, and be supported and held accountable throughout the entire process.  

What would it be like to have accountability in your life? It is my mission to support you in creating the life you were meant to live while connecting into the dance of expansion and perfection that is always surrounding us.

As a Coach, I am unwilling to let you settle for anything less that what you want from this one true life. The only thing stopping you..is you..but not for long…

Ultimate Discovery Coaching Package

Let’s Play full out: Discover the ember, fuel the fire

  • 4 month Commitment (minimum)

  • Unlimited email and text connection and support

  • Learn strategies for reaching goals and lasting change

  • Weekly co-creating of Soulwork (homework) that is meant to connect you into your soul and deepen the coaching experience.

  • Accountibility

  • Access to my pre-recorded meditations

  • Life of your terms!

Vision + Strategy Sessions

Vision and Strategy sessions are ideal for individuals with a clear goal or businesses. In this session we will focus on how to first create a mindset for growth which is vital as a person with a passion project or a business owner. We will get laser focused by making your vision clear and compelling; Identifying your Why and your What. We will move on to Strategy where we will focus on where you are wanting to create the biggest impact with your goal and identify what 3 things could be holding you back.

Other things we will cover:

  • The power of your team

  • Business is Spiritual

  • Closing the GAP

  • Tapping into the Power of Momentum