All photography provided by Jared Chambers


My heart has led me here. 

A long journey from the expansive freedom of my early years to a wondrous whimsy teaching abroad and traveling to and fro. 

A seeker of external beauty expressed as a leader of active travel trips around the world into a seeker of the internal landscape of what lies beneath the surface. 

This inward view whispered mysteries undiscovered and unknown until I was willing to allow all the noise to fade like a quiet snowfall.  There, in the stillness, I discovered what was most essential, most profound, most authentic. 

A deep expansive relationship with myself that is perfect and always evolving.


My Mission

To create and inspire others to fully engage with life.  To have deep connections, to listen with curiosity, and to live life as one grand experiment.

If you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go deep, let’s go together.
— African Proverb

What We Can Achieve

  • be the change you want to see

  • Find more passion in the day to day

  • Live inspired and inspire others

  • Connect to what is real and true

  • Find clarity and productivity

  • Create a meaningful life

  • Find more peace with yourself and your body